Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

How do you provide service? Is it satellite or cellular based?

We provide service via using wireless point to multi-point (PMP) microwave technology. Our towers broadcast a signal which is then picked up with an antenna at the desired location. Line of sight (LOS) is needed in order for this to work effectively.

Our service is not based on satellite or cellular technology, and because of such we can offer low latency high-speed internet service to our customers.

Why do you advertise "sustained" speeds instead of "up to" speeds?

Most internet service providers advertise “up to” speeds in order to sell the biggest numbers that they can. The downside with the “up to” speeds is that they often are not in effect a majority of the time (they can and do fluctuate a lot).

We decided to sell “sustained speeds” so that our customers can see what speeds they can expect to get and utilize almost all of the time. We do the best that we can to keep the speeds at the levels that we advertise at all times.

How reliable is your service?

We continuously monitor our equipment for any problems and proactively fix issues as they occur. Our infrastructure is set up in such a way to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. We actively strive to get as close to 100% uptime as possible.

Is your service affected by weather?

We maintain high standards for the equipment that we install and maintain, so most weather events should not affect your service. Heavy ice/snow on the equipment or very heavy fog can potentially affect the quality of the service we provide, which we mitigate as much as possible with the proper placement and mounting of the equipment.

Is a phone line required?

No phone line is needed to use our internet service.

What equipment should I have in order to best use your internet service?

We recommend purchasing a wireless router which is needed to provide internet service to multiple devices at your location (both wirelessly and wired). If you only have one computer that will be using the internet service, then you do not have to purchase a router (it is still a good idea however, so that you have an extra layer of security between your computer & the internet).

I am interested in getting your internet service, what is the next step?

Click on the one of the “sign up!” or “sign up now” buttons on our homepage and enter your information accordingly. We will do a site survey of your property to see if we can provide internet service there or not, and our Sales department will contact you upon completion of the site survey.

A site survey is where we use a combination of specialized tools & our survey truck (equipped with the antennas that we use for real world testing) to determine whether we can provide internet service to a potential location. The site survey is free of charge & comes with no obligation!

What lead time am I looking at for getting your service installed at my location?

Our typical lead time for installing internet service is between 2-5 business days.

Do you charge for service calls?

We do not charge for service calls that are directly related to a problem with our equipment or the installation of it. Any service calls that are done where our equipment is found to not be the problem will be subject to a charge.

I currently have your internet service and am looking at moving to a new location, what is involved with moving the equipment from one location to another?

Please click on the “sign up now” or “sign up!” on our homepage, and enter your new address in for the service inquiry. Write down in the notes section that you are a current customer that is moving so we can plan accordingly. We offer a discounted price on installation of service for these scenarios.

Do you offer a referral program?

We will take off $25 off of your next bill if you are a current customer and refer a new customer that signs up for our Internet service. There is no limit as to how many times this can be done; make sure the new customer mentions your name!

Email Settings

Call our Internet Support at 574-277-7720 ext. 2 or 1-800-733-0062 ext. 2 to get help with this. You will need to have an active internet account with us in order to set up and use email accounts with us.

—Incoming Server (IMAP)—



Password: yourpassword

SSL (enabled): Port 993

—Outgoing Server (SMTP)—



Password: yourpassword

SSL (enabled): Port 587

“SMTP authentication must be enabled (using the same credentials as incoming)”

For IOS devices (Apple brand), please make sure that when you enable SSL that the authentication is switched (right below enable SSL) to use PASSWORD in order for it to work correctly.